How to generate high-impact virtual and digital learning experiences?

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Of employers are in favor of training on mobile devices.

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Of employees believe that their companies should offer more training with digital tools.

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Of employees want to choose training schedules that fit their time.

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Of employees want training to be available wherever and whenever they need to do their jobs.

Technology is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity and an organizational advantage.

We provide state-of-the-art tools to enhanse the effective implementation and meassurement of your training programs.

Soluciones web


We provide technology and disruptive virtual content to generate productive habits that boost people’s performance.

Our experience in training ensures differential virtual programs.


LMS (Learning Management System)

Developed to gather, manage, distribute and analyze all the knowledge of your organization. It allows you to manage OVAs (Virtual Learning Objects), documents, resources, processes and application activities.

It offers the possibility of implementing training programs in a very agile and attractive way. It is especially useful if a constant updating of contents is required or if the platform design needs to be updated frequently.

Allows to manage and implement an agile, close and impactful digital training process for young and demanding audiences. It allows to generate an exclusive relationship between the brand and the users, offering unique and special content. It is a very efficient way to ensure the distribution of content.

Tool that allows taking the data generated in a training program to analyze it and transform it into information and best practices to make decisions and improve results.

It allows to:

  • Observe data in real time.
  • Generate reports
  • Provide standarized dashboards


Ennlace Plus

Our intelligent development platform. With Ennlace Plus you will be able to execute your training programs, developing customized training routes with the possibility of having access to them through any type of device, with multiple formats, even offline.

It is a SAS solution (Software As a Service) with which you will only pay for the licenses you really need, thus delivering the best cost/benefit ratio.

Custom developments

Programas spira a la medida

Ennlace Plus

We understand that your needs are different from those of other organizations. That is why we have the resources to design and deliver customized developments with all the parameters to achieve your personalized training and development objectives.


Our experience in training ensures differential virtual programs

We are at the cutting edge of technological advances in the development of disruptive virtual content.

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