Transforming your events into meaningful,  transcendent and successful experiences.

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Of attendees DO NOT INTERACT during an event.

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Of people join virtual events for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES.

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Of event organizers say that hybrid events are a solution to overcome geographic limitations.

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Of people who sign up for live events DO NOT ATTEND

Designed to connect people, organizations, speakers, businesses and brands.

Keep in mind the  5W’s:

What is the purpose and theme of the event?

What is the type of event you need?

What is your target audience?

What is the planned date?

What is the current budget?

Events that achieve engagement, motivation, interaction and results are Next-level events...


Customized Digital Environments

Custom platforms, virtual worlds, high-impact streaming

High impact learning

Live channel, specialized rooms, high impact content

Memorable experiences

Stands, social rooms, gamification (e-commerce)


Digital brochures, commercial agendas, video negotiations and networking rooms

How does a common event from a Next-level event?



Measure the impact with greater specificity!

Obtain data on all that happened, from the impact it had, to the opinions of the audience and even their key demographics to evaluate the event and gain insights for future decisions.

  • Average connectivity
  • Countries reached
  • Number of records
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Heat map

Conoce las opciones que tenemos para ti...


6 ...
  • Login con mail (BDD o Google Mail)
  • Encuesta de satisfacción
  • Sección para contenido desde Servicios de la Nube (OneDrive, Dropbox, etc.)
  • Secciones para Contenido y/o sesiones Live desde ZOOM, TEAMS o MEET (No incluye licencia)


6 Incluye características del básico +
  • Agenda personalizable
  • Chatbot básico
  • Logos y fondos corporativos + personalización en 3 colores


6 Incluye características del starter +
  • Acceso a la plataforma del evento hasta 30 días
  • Dominio para evento según disponibilidad
  • 5 secciones de contenido por demanda (PDF, Videos, Podcast, Infografías, Streaming, etc.)


6 Incluye características del advanced +
  • Acceso a la plataforma del evento +30 días
  • Look and feel 100% personalizable
  • Speakers - Patrocinadores - Información corporativa del cilente Productos - Agendas comerciales (No incluye licencia de calendly)

Let's transform your next event into a remarkable experience.

We will be your strategic ally to take your teams’ performance to another level in an effective, measurable and innovative way.

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